Since 2007, Drew Saber has managed development and/or launch of over 50 functional food products and businesses in the Natural Products Industry. Here are a few of the highlights:

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Shift Bars

Provided product &  business development and formulation services for this Organic, 1-gram of sugar, high-protein nutrition bar. Instrumental in helping the company raise seed capital for development and go-to-market.


Coco Shot, plant-based probiotic beverage

Product development/formulation services for this high-potency, non-dairy probiotic drink, containing single-strain Lactobacillus for digestive wellness and immunity. 


Body Ecology® Kefir Starter Culture

Provided functional analysis of company's prior probiotic culture formula, and redesigned it, resulting in improved efficacy. Re-sourced supply chain, helping secure U.S. supply and manufacturing contract. 



Business development services, web-dev, and  Regulatory advisory consulting provided for this unique, doctor-formulated immune supplement, containing proprietary blend of Collagen, Colostrum, L-Lysine, and Citrus polyphenols.


Jing City

Contracted cGMP-compliant, FDA-inspected co-packer for client's revolutionary tonic herbal drink mix, co-designed FDA-compliant label and Supplement Facts panels, and provided ingredient sourcing solutions. Formulated to support the body's constitutional core wellness and resiliency known as "Jing" in TCM. this product has an avid following of consumers and Natural Health advocates.

Seaweed Soup

Provided ingredient sourcing assistance and Nutrition Facts/Label compliance design for this popular, dry-mix, mineral-rich Kelp soup product, A complete source of protein, naturally chelated minerals, and health-promoting fucose polysaccharides. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, and is considered a superfood for its nutrient-rich content.

Celtic Sea Salt®

Provided Operations management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) sourcing, competitive market analysis, and strategic growth plan for this 38-year old legacy brand, identifying market expansion opportunities in the Natural and Conventional Salt Channels.

Coffee Blast®

Provided novel ingredient selection assistance and supply sourcing, label development/FDA compliance review, and technical marketing copy for this innovative healthy sweetener, designed specifically for coffee, containing cognitive-enhancing herbal and amino acid components.

Superfood Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix®

Provided sourcing for key ingredients, nutraceutical components, nutrition facts data analysis, and label development/compliance review for this innovative "nutraceutical" cookie mix, containing immune system-supportive beta-glucans/polysaccharides, derived from medicinal mushrooms such as Shiitake and Maitake. 

Longevity Coffee®

"Better for you" coffee product marketing assistance and Quality Assurance laboratory testing management (focused on assurance of "zero mycotoxins", and ORAC/ antioxidant activity). Resulted in marketing messaging that promotes product's superior cleanliness compared to competitors, as well as its high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) score.


Immortal Machine®

Solved Hemp Protein-concentrate supply issue for this product, be re-sourcing a unique, organic, 70% organic concentrate powder from an international supplier, previously unavailable.

Provided Structure-Function health claims review and marketing copy contributions for dozens of key products on this site, resulting in strengthened product descriptions, and strong FDA compliance for the those products.

David Wolfe Foods® Blue Pigment Phycocyanin

Sourced and contracted private label production for this novel, blue-pigmented powerhouse antioxidant, derived from blue-green algae.


Cacao of theNow™/ UpCups™ Herbal Chocolate Superfoods

Formulated and developed innovative healthy chocolate products containing Chinese tonic herbs, providing specific health benefits; libido, energy, endurance, and immunity.

Tia's Gluten Free™

Advised company during early development regarding co-packing and distribution expansion. Sourced co-packer and assisted negotiations resulting in manufacturing contract and ability to scale with national distributor.


• Cost-effective, done-for-you Natural Product & Business Development services and consultancy

• Streamline your go-to-market strategy and create products that can really scale

• Discover your true  brand story, and build your Brand "on purpose" to reach your ideal customers