We want to see your products in distribution as quickly as you do. Successful market presentation and penetration is the culmination of all of your development efforts. However, as previously covered, adequate funding is a critical prerequisite to a powerful launch. Many startups launch products prematurely and struggle in the marketplace, due to no fault of the product.  Often products fail due to lack of resources to support the distribution channels’ promotional demands; e.g. “free-fill” requirements upon initial orders, custom displays, slotting fees, in-store product demonstrations, etc. The maxim holds true, "It's hard to fail with adequate capital; it's easy to fail without it."

To ready our clients for market, we provide streamlined preparation for Angel investment opportunities and other methods of capital procurement. Once adequate funding is achieved we further support your successful sales and distribution objectives by pointing your business in the direction of “best-fit” retailers, wholesale/distributors, and brokers (though we may suggest you focus on your internal sales team initially before hiring brokers, especially in year one). 



Our established relationships with these channel targets on both local and national levels help support an effective launch and early growth. We help clients prepare trade marketing documents in formats required by key accounts. We advise you regarding corporate buyers’ purchasing patterns and seasonality, category reviews and resets. We also assist in facilitating those hard-to-get meetings, where you and/or your broker will show your wares to decision makers throughout your distribution channels. We also help advise your marketing efforts in retail digital platforms; including online sales on Amazon and from your company's website.

Our commitment to you as client includes not only helping place your products successfully, but sharing critical know-how so you become the successful executor of your business growth. We aren’t satisfied with our part until you’ve successfully launched, with the acumen to keep your company thriving.