Whether you have a perfected prototype ready for manufacturing, or are still developing your product, we can help you get it made the right way. Our competencies in formulation, innovation, and market trends, will help you arrive at a finished product with excellent market differentiation and value proposition.

Beyond research and development, design, and formulation, we also support our clients' regulatory needs with certification in FDA's Current Good Manufacturing Practices (21 CFR Part 111). Coupled with practical industry insights regarding legal "claims" that can be made about Nutraceuticals (Nutritional, Structure-Function, Health) our total regulatory compliance assistance can be a big comfort to clients throughout every phase of our work.  

Once we have arrived at a perfected product prototype, and locked in your best manufacturing solution, we continue to flesh out your brand story, and make critical decisions regarding your business planning and launch.  This includes considerations regarding how to build your brand equity, scale your volume, and determine material and resource needs before your products ever go to production. Having previously established the right manufacturing relationship, your organization will be poised to bypass any unnecessary and possibly inappropriate internal production considerations. This helps your company make a more defensible case for investment, by protecting your strategic gross profit margin, as previously covered during Discovery Phase.   The co-step in our Development process, is Planning.


Business planning can sometimes feel tedious, but it tends to be easier as a collaborative process. Many entrepreneurs spend too much time in isolation writing what ends up becoming an unfocused or ineffectual plan. Others procrastinate writing one at all. This is one of the chief causes of failure in many small businesses; failing to plan effectively.

Often start-ups invert the order of important action steps: they Launch (sometimes a makeshift product, without a feasibility study), then try to Capitalize (raise money), then Plan (how to spend that capital, and grow the business). A more enterprising way to approach business startup is to Plan, then Capitalize, then Launch. Without sound business plans, you will not likely be able to raise adequate funding to launch and grow your business. Companies that do manage to raise seed capital in spite of shoddy planning usually find themselves in a pinch when the funds (and sources for next infusion of cash) evaporate quickly.

The Drew Saber Consulting solution provides streamlined Planning methodology and services. In a highly collaborative environment we work with you to plan the most efficient actions necessary for executing your business successfully, without the time-devouring frustrations. Your project may be able to get funded, launched, or expanded in less time than you think, with precision efforts; working smarter, not longer. Most sophisticated investors want to see a brief synopsis of your business opportunity before committing to reading a full-fledged treatise anyway. To that end, we help our clients with the most critical elements of planning, including executive team building, advisory board creation, and developing realistic marketing & distribution strategies. 

Then we assist you in capturing investor attention by helping create compelling, investor-ready documents (Executive Summary, Financial Projections, and Investor Slide Deck) that contain only the specific critical information investors want to see to evaluate your business. If an entrepreneur presents an investor with too little of the right information, or too much of the wrong, it generally sends a message that the entrepreneur may be inexperienced. This may jeopardize the investment opportunity.  

We create plans that maximize investor interest and funding potential. Once Planning Phase is complete, we also provide investor relations and help clients prepare to "talk to the money".  A well-prepared investor pitch presentation will increase the likelihood of your business getting funded so you can Go-To-Market.